Consumers are very sensitive to environmental and conservation issues and this will affect all industries, particularly business-to-consumer organizations such as restaurants. According to a 2008 Gallup poll, 95% of US consumers consider the US energy situation to be “very serious” or “fairly serious” and 66% believe more conservation should be the approach in solving energy problems in this country.

There are many cost effective things that restaurateurs can do to make their operations more environmentally friendly.

Conserve: Sustainability Education Program

conserve-250Conserve is an online resource developed by the restaurant industry for the restaurant industry. It helps restaurants to reduce energy, waste and water – driving down costs and leaving a lighter footprint on our environment.  The program features an easy-to-use checklist, divided into six categories, with over 90 industry-tested best practices, and over 64 videos by industry experts providing demonstrations and explanations of best practices. Swap tips with other restaurant owners in the discussion forums.  Create your own personalized environmental program, designed to help you take the next steps – whether you’re just learning about “how to go green,” or whether you’ve been environmentally conscious for years.  The easy-to-use program will suggest money-saving short-term or long-term steps to match your own needs and goals.  Learn More!

Restaurant Recycling

Findings from a National Restaurant Association and Georgia-Pacific Professional survey determined that 65 percent of restaurant operators embrace the practice of recycling and have recycling programs in place at their restaurants. Also, 60 percent of consumers prefer to patronize restaurants that recycle, and 51 percent of consumers indicate that they are willing to pay more at restaurants that recycle.

Find out how you can start recycling in your restaurant today!