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Research & Statistics

To successfully manage and grow their businesses, restaurateurs need access to information on emerging trends and the state of the industry. The Texas Restaurant Association offers many tools that can assist restaurateurs as they try to anticipate what the future may bring.

Understand how you stack up in terms of alcohol sales with the YDrink Lite monthly report provided by Virtue Group. Check out your nearest competitors or search a wider area for this key sales information. Texas Restaurant Association members receive the report free of charge.

The National Restaurant Association has a variety of resources available to help you anaylze market trends, customer demographics and more. TrendMaper is a great source of industry economic trends, whether you want a top-line analysis of the economic indicators of the day or a detailed forecast of food prices. The annual Restaurant Industry Forecast is an annual barometer of the industry’s economic strength. It provides national, regional and state sales and employment data, as well as information about operator and consumer trends. TRA members receive discounted pricing. You can also download a Texas Fact sheet.

The Restaurant Industry Operations Report, also published by the NRA, helps restaurant operators sharpen their financial performance and data is particularly valuable as they try to control costs. It includes a simple worksheet to help restaurateurs quickly identify cost categories where their operations could significantly vary from similar operations.

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