Legal FAQs

Working Hours
Do you know what constitutes working hours?  If an employee continues to work at the end of his/her shift, are you responsible for wages during that time?

Rest Breaks & Meal Periods
Are you required to offer breaks and meal periods?  Do rest breaks count as hours worked? What is a bona fide meal period and is it considered work time?

Overtime for Tipped Employees
Are you calculating overtime rates for your tipped employees correctly? Do you know what your tip credit is and how it relates to calculating overtime?

Overtime Exemptions
Are any of your employees exempt from overtime pay requirements? Which ones?  What qualifies an employee to be exempt from overtime?

Shortage, Breakage and other Deduction
Can you deduct any shortages or breakages from your employees’ wages? 

Are you required to pay for your employees’ uniforms?  What about the cleaning and maintenance of those uniforms?  Do you know if the work clothes you require meet the definition of a “uniform?”

Sales Tax Exemptions
Do you know which items you purchase regularly are exempt from sales tax? What about your equipment? Do you have to pay sales tax when you have a piece of equipment repaired? Are equipment rentals exempt from sales tax?

Get the answers to these legal questions.