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Texas Alcohol Monthly Brief

Easy and convenient monthly alcohol sales data on up to 10 restaurants or bars of your choice. Over 10,000 bars and restaurants in Texas are included in this customizable brief. Set up is quick and easy and reports can be delivered via email or USPS. 

Monthly brief

TRA member price $34.95                                              Non-member price $49.95

1 year subscription

TRA member price $299.98                                            Non-member price $349.00


Texas & Federal Combined Labor Law Poster  

Be in compliance with the Texas and Federal Combined labor law poster or a Texas state only and Federal only poster kit. Both options are the most current versions of the poster and include all state and federally mandated notifications.

Combined poster TRA member price $25.95                  Non-member price $38.95

featured3Manager’s Red Book  

Use this powerful tool to facilitate organization, build teamwork, ensure accountability, and improve communication within your management team. Plan for ROI, execute daily tasks and strategies, and evaluate performance.

Prices vary depending on version and format purchased

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