Maximize with Take-out (members ed.)

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September 30, 2005 - Abbe Shapiro, Co-Founder, courtesy of American Express, "The Next Course: 30 Proven Ways Restaurateurs Extend Their Current Business."

Since opening the first restaurant in 1991, Sidney's has integrated takeout throughout its operations. The full menu is offered for takeout (all menu items are developed to travel well); parking places near the front door are reserved for takeout customers only; the pickup area is clearly positioned in the entry and always manned by a staff member to assist customers; and takout items are labeled with the name of the restaurant, the item, and the date. Follow-up calls are made the next day to a random sample of takeout customers for feedback about the experience from start to finish.

Results: The takeout business at Sidney's represents approximately 10% of total sales.

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