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Richie Jackson, Executive Vice President & CEO

Richie Jackson is the Executive Vice President & CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association, one of the largest associations in Texas with over 6000 members located in offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Mr. Jackson joined TRA in the early seventies and was quickly elevated to director of government affairs. In 1979, he became assistant executive vice president and in 1985 was named executive vice president and CEO. He utilizes a 50-member staff to accomplish operations related to TRAís Education Foundation and for-profit activities. Throughout his tenure, he has actively participated in state politics, helping fulfill the associationís mission as the restaurant industryís advocate and indispensable resource.

Mr. Jackson currently serves on the Board and Executive Committee of the Texas Civil Justice League and formerly on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Association Executives. Mr. Jackson is a Past President of the Texas Society of Association Executives and was named their Distinguished Executive of the Year in 1999. He maintains his status as Certified Association Executive, which was first designated in 1982 by the American Society of Association Executives.

Mr. Jackson received his B.B.A. degree in Finance from the University of Texas and currently lives with his wife, Cheryl, and two children in Austin.
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Glen Garey, General Counsel

Glen Garey is the General Counsel for the Texas Restaurant Association, which represents the stateís $23 billion foodservice industry and its 500,000 employees. Mr. Garey is responsible for legislative relations and serves as liaison between the association and agencies of the state government. He also provides legal advice to the association and its members.

Before joining TRA, Mr. Garey served as counsel to Board member Milton Fox at the Industrial Accident Board and as general counsel for a highway construction firm. He received his B.A. in economics and philosophy from Austin College in Sherman and his law degree from Texas Tech University in Lubbock.
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Chris Hartye, Vice President, Finance/Administration

Chris Hartye is the Chief Financial Officer of the Texas Restaurant Association, managing finances and other administrative functions. She also serves as liaison to the Association treasurer. She has been on the Association staff 15 years and has seen it evolve through numerous changes and restructuring.

Ms. Hartye has 15 years experience in the for-profit accounting field. Prior to joining TRA, she was a senior corporate accountant for a national mortgage company and a revenue accountant for a publicly held, international consulting and software development company in Denver, Colorado. She was designated as Certified Association Executive in 1991 by the American Society of Association Executives.

Born in Austin, Ms. Hartye spent much of her childhood moving around as a military dependent. She attended the University of Texas and the University of Maryland in Germany and returned to Austin in 1984.
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Rick Madden, Vice President, Membership Marketing

Rick Madden is Vice President for Membership Marketing. As a former restaurateur in Wisconsin and Austin, he brings to the association extensive knowledge of the restaurant industry. Prior to joining TRA, Mr. Madden partnered in a restaurant corporation, which developed and sold five establishments in the Austin area. He gained an understanding of the distributorís perspective by serving as District Sales Manager for Alliant Foodservice in Austin and San Antonio.

Mr. Madden attended the University of Wisconsin, where he majored in business. He moved to Texas in 1985 and lives in Dripping Springs with his wife, Carrie, and two teenagers.
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Sandy Mitschke, Vice President, Corporate Relations

Sandy Mitschke is Vice President of Corporate Relations for the Texas Restaurant Association & TRA Education Foundation. She oversees 15 staff who manage 21 TRA chapters in the areas of product sales, endorsed services, education training, lobbying on state and local issues and fundraising activities. She also serves as a staff liaison to the TRA Education Foundation Board.

Ms. Mitschke joined TRA in October 1996 bringing to her position 14 years of experience in association management. She attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock and earned an Associates degree in fashion merchandising. Although born in California, Ms. Mitschke has lived in Texas for 34 years and considers herself a true Texan. She lives with her husband, Dale, and their son and daughter in Round Rock.

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Shuler Page, Vice President of Exposition Sales

Shuler Page is Vice President of Exposition Sales at the Texas Restaurant Association. He manages the Expo Department which is responsible for TRA's Annual Southwest Foodservice Expo which is the 3rd largest Foodservice Trade Show in the United States. Mr. Page brings to TRA, 28 years of experience in the Foodservice Distribution business. His experience includes that of Sales, Marketing, Management, and Customer Relations. Mr. Page joined TRA in October, 2002. He attended Texas A & M University and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. He is a native Texan and lives in Austin with his wife Denise,three teenagers; son, Travis and two daughters, Emily and Laura.

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Support Staff / Austin Hqtrs.
(800) 395-2872 / (512) 457-4100

Executive Services [email protected]

Martha Wolfe
Director of Executive Services (512) 457-4141

Melvin Moore
Production Supervisor (512) 457-4144

Angie Marchak
Receptionist (512) 457-4100

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Education Foundation [email protected]

Bill Vear
Senior Director of Education (512) 457-4162

Yvonne Loya
Program Manager (512) 457-4182

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Expositions [email protected]

Shuler Page
Vice President of Exposition Sales (512)457-4190

Mel Forehand CEM, CMP
Director of Exposition Management (512) 457-4197

Pari Rossi
Exhibitor Services Manager (512) 457-4192

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Finance & Administration

Chris Hartye
VP, Finance & Administration (512) 457-4120

Catherine Baldonado
Accounting Manager (512) 457-4121

Vicki Sherrill
Accounting Assistant (Accts. Receivable) (512) 457-4123

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Networking Services [email protected]

Uzair Farooqui
Director of MIS (512) 457-4100

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Legal & Government Affairs [email protected]

Glen Garey
General Counsel (512) 457-4130

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Membership [email protected]

Rick Madden
VP Membership Marketing (512) 457-4170

Sam Acker
District Manager, Austin (512) 457-4100

Cas Andrews
District Manager, Austin (512) 457-4100

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Member Services [email protected]

Sandy Mitschke
Vice President, Corporate Relations (512) 457-4150

Cecile Shopen
Director of Allied Relations (512) 457-4160

Scott Smith
Products & Member Solutions Manager (512) 457-4152

Heather Mayfield
Marketing Assistant (512) 457-4151

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Webmaster [email protected]

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