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Marketing Table Discussion
8. Special Promotions
    Own a restaurant for a night. . . .       06-13-00
       My POS system can handle most . . .       07-29-02
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Administrator Posted on 06-13-00 4:56 PM     Reply
Own a restaurant for a night. Monday night my restaurant was always dead. So I tried promoting it night for private parties and began advertising on the radio in late October hoping to give people an option for their holiday entertaining. Most folks don't have enough room in their home to host a Christmas crowd. The idea caught on and now I use it all year long.

On-line coupons. For years I have used printed coupons and been pretty pleased with the results. How does that work online? Anybody having success with that?

Tea Time & Teddy Bears. I have a pleasant little cafe located near an elementary school. When I found out that the lower grades allowed children to bring their teddy bears to school on Friday, I decided to market a "Tea Time With Your Teddy Bear" promotion. I made sure the library story-time instructors knew about it and mailed flyers to all the school teachers and residents in the area. I redecorated an upstairs loft as an old-fashion parlor complete with small tables and chairs for the stuffed guests. On school holidays, grandparents (who babysite the children while parents are at work) bring the kids in. It's not my biggest money maker, but it has probably brought me more joy and made some very loyal customers.