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Management Table Discussion
7. Healthcare
    I am interested in working wit . . .       04-16-01
       Diana, Sounds like a great . . .       06-20-01
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Dianna Offutt Posted on 04-16-01 12:24 PM     Reply
I am interested in working with restaurant managers and owners to provide information on healthcare provided by Planned Parenthood of North Texas. Tell me if I am wrong but, I believe most entry level wait staff etc and even managers and assistant managers could benefit from knowing about our services....low cost, appts within 24 hours etc. We provide reproductive healthcare services for men and women. My idea would be to collaborate with management to inform workers, especially women, about what we can offer them ..especially those with no insurance (we also take PPO plans). Every woman should have an annual GYN exam. The major importance for this is early detection of cervical cancer.
Please provide some feedback as to what you think the best approach would be to reach your employees with this important information...Thanks