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10. Increasing Your Income Source
    Add a Happy Hour. We tried add . . .       06-13-00
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Administrator Posted on 06-13-00 5:05 PM     Reply
Add a Happy Hour. We tried adding a Thursday and Friday happy hour so people could meet someone to ask out for a weekend date. Then we offered our best-selling appetizer for REALLY cheap. It was a gamble, but it paid off once the word got out.

Capture Baby Boomers. This largest group drives the consumer economy. They're in their 50s now and half of them are divorced and looking for partners. I read an article recently that said they are looking for night clubs and restaurant-bars that offer a more sophisticated and non-threatening environment to meet people, not like "meat markets." It suggested replacing all the light bulbs with PINK bulbs, which is more flattering.

Dessert & Coffee Hour. My desserts always received highest compliments but just weren't seling. Customers always said they were too full. So I began to push a mid-afternoon dessert and coffee hour so customers wouldn't feel guilty about coming in JUST for dessert. It surprised me how many people cam in during the holiday shopping season. They were out anyway and needed to stop for a short rest. So I extended the "hour" and got great results.