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Marketing Table Discussion
8. Menu Design
    Special requests. I have an Au . . .       06-13-00
       You need to feature some veget . . .       07-05-00
       We don't do half-orders, becau . . .       08-11-00
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Administrator Posted on 06-13-00 4:47 PM     Reply
Special requests. I have an Austin restaurant where customers are always asking for changes in my menu items to suit their vegetarian preferences. I also get a lot of requests for "half orders." Should I change my menu or just have my wait staff tell them we are flexible and happy to make adjustments on most dishes?

Complete overhaul needed. Can anyone out there recommend a company or consultant who does a really good job of redesigning menus?

I can't afford to hire a consultant to redesign my menus. Any good books on the subject?

Yeah, great source of books on menu design and other subjects specific to our industry. It's a restaurateur's bookstore right on this website. Great stuff!