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Management Table Discussion
7. luch crowd wait
    my restaurant is very small (s . . .       10-17-00
       Have you considered changing t . . .       11-20-00
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stephen lopez Posted on 10-17-00 3:32 PM     Reply
my restaurant is very small (seats 52 max). we are very speedy and can turn tables an average of 5 times a lunch shift. our clientele is mostly repeat from surrounding businesses. at times, we have parties who "stake out" tables and conduct business. our customers have a limited time for lunch and like our place because of great food and quick service. can i "reclaim" a table without offending anyone, and if so, how? my lunch business desperately depends on table turnover. so far i have printed a sign reading: "please be concious of your fellow clientele on wait when conducting business. they too will return the favor one day and appreciate your concideration". will this help? whats your feedback.