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TRA Chapters Table Discussion
12. Help in Recruitment/Retention?
    I would like to introduce the . . .       06-20-01
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roojoo Posted on 06-20-01 1:45 PM     Reply
I would like to introduce the American Hospitality Association. Our headquarters are located in Dallas and we have offices in Austin, as well. The AHA is a non-profit hospitality industry advocate. Our main focus is to provide the owner/g.m a product that increases their retention and recruitment of valued front end employees. Through the AHA, an indiviual can receive dental, vision and pharmacy plans automatic when becoming a member. As important, an individual, or business, can purchase full medical coverage through the AHA. One great thing is that since a person is a member of the AHA, their benefits are portable. No matter if they move jobs or states, their benefits follow them to wherever they go. Visit our website at www.hospitalityusa.org if you would like more information, and contact myself, or my staff, if you have inquiries. Thank you.

Ron Johnson
Executive Director