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Marketing Table Discussion
8. Customer Service
    How can I get constructive fee . . .       06-13-00
       I have a way for you to accomp . . .       07-29-02
       The manager has set up a great . . .       09-10-03
       Good morning, A great way to . . .       09-11-03
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Administrator Posted on 13-06-00 4:41 PM     Reply
How can I get constructive feedback? Despite placing cards on tables, my customers rarely use them. Seems they only get sticky and stained by food.

Comments cards never worked until I printed them as postage paid and instructed my wait staff to give one to each customer along with their bill. I told them to say something like "we'd love to get your comments and suggestions." I found out that lots of people took the cards home and mailed them back to us.

Comment Forwarding as On-line service? What if we informed our customers that they could submit their comments and suggestions anytime on this here Restaurantville site? Then the Restaurantville staff could forward their comments on to each restaurant. Boy, I could use a service like that! Anybody else like that idea??