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Management Table Discussion
7. Labor / Salary & Wages
    What is the going rate for man . . .       06-13-00
       We also have a 3-unit restaura . . .       10-04-00
       I AM CURRENTLY A MANAGER FOR M . . .       06-28-00
       I own a three unit family rest . . .       08-29-00
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Administrator Posted on 13-06-00 4:18 PM     Reply
What is the going rate for managers? My daytime manager says her salary is not up to par with the going rate. I don't want to lose her, but I don't know what others are being paid. I have 30 employees in my restaurant. Any suggestions?

I believe the NRA says median salary is $30,000 with an annual bonus of $2,000.

Everybody is looking for employees and those college kids tell me they do their job hunting on the internet. Thigs have changed since I was hunting for my first job. Where can I go online to post my vacancies and look for applicants?