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12. Lubbock Chapter
    Welcome to Lubbock Chapter Dis . . .       06-13-00
       If anyone from the LRA is plan . . .       10-26-00
       FYI.... Below is a letter that . . .       05-16-01

FYI.... Below . . .       05-16-01

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Foodie Posted on 16-05-01 5:27 PM     Reply

FYI.... Below is a letter that I have emailed to most of the media. Perhaps it will have a small effect in the days ahead. Best wishes.

It is sad to see "NEWS" organizations taking on the roll of co-conspirator. Shame on you. The smoking ban in Lubbock restaurants is tantamount to illegal search and seizure. Restaurants are "Private Property". When the City and the Media purchase all of the restaurants within the City then they will have the right to impose any rules they wish. Until then, the current owners have that right. (Neither I nor any family member have any financial interest in any restaurant in this or any other city.)

A simple SIGN would solve the dilemma. Going into a restaurant is no different than going to the movies. If you don't want to see a movie with a certain rating you simply don't go in. Restaurants should have the same rights as theater owners.

For some reason the City Council, the Ad Hoc Committee and the Media have it their heads that either the good folks of Lubbock can't read or they are to stupid to know what is best for them. Sad...........

Restaurants owners have a huge vested interest in their properties and the customers that they serve. Only they and the consuming public have the right to determine the futures success or failure of their business.

Signage is the solution!.... NOT imposed mob rule aided and abetted by the one sided, so called, reporting.

You have the ability to shield yourselves with the 1st Amendment. As it should be. However, I would ask that you differentiate the "NEWS" from "Editorial Opinion". You would gain much greater respect from the community at-large.

I would request that you pass this along to the good folks at your sister channel, 13.