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Political Issues Table Discussion
    I DON'T KNOW IF ANYONE IS GOIN . . .       09-25-01
       Victoria- mid Coast Chapter E . . .       06-19-02
       There is a simple solution to . . .       01-19-03
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Big Bob Posted on 19-06-02 11:54 PM     Reply
Victoria- mid Coast Chapter
Each Board member contacted a city councilman
That they knew or felt comfortable with.
Discuss the community concerns as much
as business concerns regarding this issue.
Convince them that the citizens tell us
what they want in our restaurant and we listen.
If we didnít we couldnít be in business this long.
Contact other business that shares your view. Have
them contacted their city councilman.
Invite 2 or 3 city officials and other business leaders that share
your concerns to your restaurant to discuss the issue.

Victoria has defeated the issue twice.
Thatís because we invited city and county officials to
be our guest at our chapter meeting once a year.
I for sure get in involved in selected city and county races.
Got to go... keep touch.... [email protected]