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10. Technology
    Who's using a POS system they . . .       06-13-00
       I would be happy to supply you . . .       07-29-02
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Administrator Posted on 13-06-00 5:11 PM     Reply
Who's using a POS system they are really sold on? What is it and where can I get information about it?

Restaurantville.com What do you think about this new website? I had no idea that the Texas Restaurant Assn. has been doing all that stuff for many years. I can really make use of waha they offer on this site.

Did you get a copy of that credit-card size CD when you came in the door for your badge? It's narrated by a fella named John E. Cab, a taxicab driver who tells about this Restaurantville website. A little on the edge, but a darn clever promotion.

Too busy today. To really look at the website, but it must be something spectacular because EVERYBODY's talking about it. The hype is all over Expo. The great thing about a website is that I can revisit it at my own convenience, when and where I want.