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Sponsorship/2004 Overview

Welcome to Expo 2004

Thanks to all our Southwest Foodservice Expo Sponsors!

They shape the show and summon up the spirit of Expo. It's an attitude that spills out of the halls—an excitement, a professionalism dedicated to a thriving business climate that lingers throughout the year. Our sponsors benefit exhibitors and attendees alike, setting the tone of Expo and markedly increasing their exposure to critical markets.

Our Major Expo sponsors take advantage of the complete range of logo placement opportunities available only to them. Other companies choose to sponsor—or very nearly ‘own'—particular events that introduce or showcase their products. Still others dare to join us in trying something ‘brand' new that is not on the menu of sponsorship offerings.

There really are too many possibilities to mention all. What best fits your company's approach and marketing needs? We'd like to put your logo up on our website at your earliest convenience!

Check out the “Opportunities” page.
Call our Director of Allied Relations today
to save your sponsorship spot.
(800) 395-2872 or (512) 457-4100

to be a Sponsor at the Southwest Foodservice Expo:
  • It's a great fit---not too large or overwhelming a show and not so small that exhibitors and attendees wonder why they spent all the money to get there.
    You'll be noticed!  
  • A terrific audience—the Houston Metropolitan Statistical Area is the largest foodservice market in Texas, with total sales forecast to reach $3.9 billion by year-end. Southwestern regional food and beverage sales should grow 5.79% to reach $50 billion!  
  • You maximize company EXPO-sure when you capitalize on your booth space.
  • Southwest Foodservice Expo opportunities are more varied and cost effective.  
  • We create value for sponsors and attendees alike.
  • Linking your powerful corporate brand with Expo increases your “market-ability.”
  • We offer collateral networking opportunities, such as the Gala and Golf Classic.
  • Great sponsors attract great attendees--more sponsors make for more attendees!
  • The earlier you commit, the earlier we place your logo.
  • Sponsorship is an investment—in your company's bottom line and your industry.
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