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Sunday, June 27 Monday, June 28 Tuesday, June 29


Culinary Showcase

Texas Beef Council

Umami, What is It and How Does It Work




Educational Pavilion

Employing Generation “Why”
Understanding, Managing, and Motivating Your New Workforce

Keynote Panel:
Are You Ready to Prosper:
Is the Time Right to Buy, Sell or Invest?



Educational Pavilion

“Cheap Décor, Good Employees” I Just Redecorated, I Hired Good Employees

Keynote Address:
Honorable Susan Combs Texas Commissioner of Agriculture
Being Proactive in Addressing Obesity

Using Consultants: Is it Really Worth the Investment?


Educational Pavilion

Is it a Trend or a Fad: What are the Risks and Returns for Jumping on the Bandwagon

Neighborhood Marketing: Learning to Invest Wisely Within a Five Mile Radius

Maximizing Your Physical Location: Learning How to Optimize the Potential of Your Space


Educational Pavilion

Creating an Open Culture: Learning How to Identify, Nurture and Capitalize on Your Most Valuable Asset

What is the ROI on Online Training Systems and How Do I Get Them to Work for Me

How to Keep Your Long-Term Staff Long-Term


Educational Pavilion

Preventing Liability in the Workplace – “Supreme Court Style”



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