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2003 Highlights/Board & Awards Gala

Ralph Sheffield, 2002-2003 TRA President hands off the presidency and the gavel to incoming 2003-2004 TRA President, Tom Kenney

The 2003 Board & Awards Gala benefiting the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation was a Red, White & Blue affair honoring the best of the best in the Texas foodservice industry.

This All-American Gala gave TRA the opportunity to pay tribute to the 2002-03 Outstanding Restaurateurs of the Year, the 2002-03 Restaurant Manager of the Year and to three remarkable Hall of Honor inductees, Brad Lomax, Bill Daniel and Gene Street. The gala was a salute to Ralph Sheffield’s past year as TRA President and welcomed Tom Kenney as the incoming 2003-04 President. It was a fabulous night spent with good friends, delicious food and spectacular entertainment.

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