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2003 Highlights/The Royal Treatment

Chefs Michael & Wendy Jordan of Rosemary’s at the Rio in Las Vegas hosted a demonstration and luncheon inside the Culinary Showcase.

VIP Luncheons

For the first time ever, entire three course sit-down business luncheons became a part of the Culinary Showcase. Exclusively spotlighting products prepared by sponsor chosen chefs, these VIP luncheons were a huge hit!

The Couple that Cooks
Chefs Michael & Wendy Jordan, the married chef duo, held a cooking demonstration on Tuesday June 24 followed by a sit down feast for a packed audience of specially invited guests. The two chefs demonstrated their New Orleans-style cookin’ to the Southwest crowd and took the heat out of the kitchen and onto the table!

“Competition is a necessary component for chefs. There are many benefits involved when chefs compete. It forces them to work at a higher level of intensity and focus, developing and utilizing skills” said Pat Mitchell of the Texas Chefs Association.

The Texas Chefs Association (TCA) invited teams of chefs to flex their culinary muscle in front of a live audience and compete for the title “Iron Chef of the Southwest.” Each team was given 2 hours to prepare a 3 course meal to be served by competing waiters to a panel of American Culinary Federation (ACF) certified judges.

Iron Chef Winners

1st Place Team Wyndham
Anatol Dallas:
David McMillan, Exec Chef Nana Grill; Thomas Welther, Exec Chef & Team Captain; And Henry Mallard, Pastry Chef
2nd Place Team
Extreme El Paso:
Robert Mailtzer, Art Institute; Mark Spellman, Exec Chef
Helen of Troy & Team Captain; Judd Flynn, Exec Chef
3rd Place EWMCS
Team Dallas:
Dave Soko, Exec Chef Brookhollow Golf Club; Michael Scott, Exec Chef Lakewood CC; and Patrick Mitchell, Marriott Qorum & Team Captain

Other Competitions:

  • Junior Cook-Off, 1st Place went to Jake Rojas from the Art Institute of Dallas and Lakewood Country Club
  • Waiter Competition, 1st Place went to Randy Jones with Nick and Sam’s in Dallas
  • Tablescape Competition, 1st Place went to Sally Jones

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