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Sponsorship/2003 Rave Reviews

2003 Rave Reviews

"We were pleased with the Coca-Cola logo placement that was part of our major Expo sponsorship, from the Expo banners to the floating logo at the Board and Awards Gala. Customers commented on the recognition and it was also noticed by decision-makers
in our organization."
Bob Sweeney, Director of Area Sales
North America
Food Service and Hospitality Division
Plano, Texas


"As a result of our sponsorship of luncheons in the Culinary Showcase featuring our menu design and other products, we have generated truly qualified leads genuinely interested in our services. We cannot stop talking about it to anyone that will listen."
Dennise York, Account Executive
Que Imaging
Houston, Texas


“We were proud to be a sponsor for the Culinary Competition during the 2003 Southwest Food Expo. Our booth location was perfect, right across from the Culinary Showcase. Our close proximity to the ‘action' gave us a lot of exposure and we picked up several new valuable customers. We're looking forward to ‘taking the show on the road' in 2004!”
Rebecca “Bunky” Mondor, Sales Manager
Landlock Seafood Company
Carrollton, Texas


"SAM'S CLUB tested the sponsorship waters this year with a Duratrans panel on
one of the revolving kiosks and it proved a worthy investment. We are looking at
additional sponsorship opportunities for SAM'S CLUB in 2004 to increase exposure
and ROI."
Ruth Wallin, Senior Account Manager,
pierce promotions & event management,
Event Marketing Partner for SAM'S CLUB

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