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Southwest Foodservice Expo 2000
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Setting New Records

The 2000 Southwest Foodservice Expo kicked off the new century with one of the most exciting events to date.

The 2000 expo had nearly 1,000 companies in over 1,500 booths featuring food, beverages, services, equipment, products and technology.

With a 17% increase in buyers over 1999, a record-breaking number of attendees experienced everything from Texas venison to energy efficient coolers to the latest internet sources of foodservice supplies.
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Solutions through Education

Industry experts were on hand at the Southwest Foodservice Expo to share fundamental skills and cutting edge trends to prepare thousands of restaurateurs to take on challenges posed by an ever-changing business environment.
Gary Hoover, of Hoovers Online, noted in his keynote address, "The restaurant industry is entering an era of strong growth and accelerating change as our customers become more affluent, more diverse, and older. New techniques, innovative marketing and service approaches will be required. Shifting technologies, shifting demographics, shifting nationalities affect this business from every angle - the customers we serve, the people we hire, the items on our menu, and the way we serve food."

Left to Right: Jeffrey Yarbrough of Club Noveau and Liberty Noodles, Darrell Wood of Luby’s, Inc., Darrin Straughn of James Coney Island, and Phil Romano of Romano Concepts and Brinker International answer questions from audience members interested in changing their operation to stay competitive.

Left to Right: During a show floor educational session, Larry Forehand of Mexican Restaurants, Inc., Bill Osterhout of Saltgrass Steakhouse, Anthony Pizzitola of TriCon Global Restaurants, and Alan Simpson of Silver Streak share strategies for expanding restaurant operations from single-unit to multi-unit, multi-unit to multi-state and even expanding into Mexico.

Bob Brown participates with a crowded audience while emphasizing the keys to outstanding customer service.

Restaurant pioneer, Phil Romano, shares the creative process and the keys to creating successful concepts.

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