Southwest Foodservice Expo 2000
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Special Dessert Competition

The Annual Special Dessert Competition at the Southwest Foodservice Expo featured chefs competing in the creation of desserts using the award-winning dessert liqueur, Tequila Rose. First place winner Alex Hamman of Lenotre Culinary School and the Omni Hotel displays the award winning Fantasy of Tequila Rose in Eggshells.
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Southwest Signature Dish Showdown

Finalists in the Southwest Signature Dish Showdown prepared hot food entrees on the show floor as expert judges evaluated skills and an audience of attendees learned the latest techniques. Each of the ten finalists had sixty minutes to prepare an original recipe with a creative menu presentation that has not been used in previous culinary competitions. A panel of judges evaluated each entry using criteria from the American Culinary Federation.

Gold Medal Winners

Chef Steven Childress, Chef Richard Bailey, C.E.C., and Chef Randall Sansom (left to right) receive gold medals for award winning entrees in the Southwest Signature Dish Showdown.
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