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Defend Against Counterfeiting

June 5, 2000

Counterfeit currency is a serious issue that can result in the loss of revenue at restaurants.

In an effort to stave off this problem, the federal government has redesigned U.S. currency. Following the release of the new $100 bill in 1996, the new $50 bill in 1997, and the new $20 bill in 1998, the government is issuing new $10 and $5 notes in the middle of this year.

Since many restaurant employees handle money daily, they are the first line of defense against counterfeiting. Not only will employees need to be able to recognize the new notes, they can provide a helpful service by identifying features of the new currency for customers.

The new notes have a number of features that make them both easier to identify and harder to counterfeit, among them: larger, off-center portrait; water-mark portrait; color-shifting ink; security thread; and fine line printing.

The Department of the Treasury has designed a series of informational resources for employees and customers. These free materials are available now and include printed materials, point-of-sale tent cards, training video and CD-ROM, camera-ready package (includes letters for managers, tri-fold brochure, newsletter article, paycheck/bank statement insert and poster), and a kit for small businesses (includes one each of booklet, poster and tent card). To request materials, use the Treasury’s interactive fax at (202)622-2040 and request document Number 2463, or call your local Federal Reserve Bank. For more information, visit the Treasury’s website at: www.moneyfactory.com.

Source: Washington Weekly, June 5, 2000. National Restaura

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