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NRA Congressional Scorecard Tallies Key Votes on Restaurant Industry Issues for 106th Congress

November 3, 2000

Elected officials "under microscope" as voting record shows positions on Social Security reform, estate tax, building depreciation and other issues

(Washington, DC) As Congress prepares to wrap up the 106th session and Election Day draws near, the National Restaurant Association has prepared its Congressional Scorecard to let restaurateurs see first-hand how their members of Congress voted on key restaurant industry issues.

"Every two years, after each Congressional session, we publish this Scorecard to enable restaurateurs to clearly see if their Congressional representatives are working in the best interest of the industry," said Steven C. Anderson, president and chief executive officer of the National Restaurant Association. "Many restaurant owners and employees are politically active and depend on their members of Congress to do the right thing for their businesses and other small businesses."

"As a result, the restaurant industry, with its 11 million employees, is the largest private sector employer and is considered one of the most powerful voting blocks in the country. This Scorecard is a convenient tool for restaurateurs, and will be instrumental in decisions they make at the polls on November 7," he said.

Using the detailed descriptions of the votes in the Scorecard, restaurateurs are also encouraged to thank their members of Congress for votes in the industry's favor, and to inform them of the industry's position on issues they voted against, Anderson said.

The Association's Congressional Scorecard looks at six key issues voted on by the Senate, from the Patients' Bill of Rights (Santorum Amendment) to the Death Tax Elimination Act. The House of Representatives list includes14 issues ranging from the Senior Citizens' Freedom to Work Act to the Small Business Liability Reform Act. If a Congressional member voted in favor of the Association's position, a "plus" is marked in the column representing that issue. A "minus" sign notes a vote against the Association's position.

A list of the House and Senate issues concerning the restaurant industry follows. For a copy of the entire Scorecard please contact the Media Relations Division at 202-973-3677.

Restaurant Industry Related Issues Voted on in the U.S. Senate in the 106th Congress

· Patients' Bill of Rights: Santorum Amendment - July 13, 1999

· Patients' Bill of Rights: Gregg Amendment - July 15, 1999

· Taxpayer Refund Act - July 30, 1999

· Taxpayer Refund and Relief Act - Aug. 5, 1999

· Minimum Wage - Nov. 9, 1999

· Death Tax Elimination Act - July 14, 2000

Restaurant Industry Related Issues Voted on in the U.S. House of Representatives in the 106th Congress

· Mandates Information Act - February 10, 1999

· Kucinich Amendment to the Small Business Paperwork Reduction Act Amendments - February 11, 1999

· FY 2000 Budget Resolution - March 25, 1999

· Financial Freedom Act - July 22, 1999

· Workplace Preservation Act (Ergonomics) - August 3, 1999

· Health Care: Quality Care for the Uninsured Act - Oct. 6, 1999

· Health Care: Bipartisan Consensus Managed Care Improvement Act - Oct. 7, 1999

· Small Business Liability Reform Act - Feb. 16, 2000

· Senior Citizens' Freedom to Work Act - March 1, 2000

· Minimum Wage: Traficant Amendment - March 9, 2000

· Minimum Wage: Final Passage - March 9, 2000

· Comprehensive Retirement Security and pension Reform Act - July 19, 2000

· Death Tax Elimination Act: Final Passage - June 9, 2000

· Death Tax Elimination Act: Veto Override - Sept. 7, 2000

Contact: Kristin Nolt 202-331-5964, Michael Mount 202-331-5902

Source: National Restaurant Association

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