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NRA Blasts CSPI’s Ethnic Cuisine Attacks

November 6, 2000

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has a long track record of attacking the cuisine brought to the United States by immigrants and enjoyed by all Americans.

Previously, they attacked Chinese cuisine; then they attacked Italian cuisine; then they attacked Mexican cuisine. This time, the group is assaulting Greek cuisine.

“In doing so, CSPI is attacking the very culture of immigrants who have added substantially to our society,” says National Restaurant Association President and Chief Executive Officer Steven C. Anderson. “Instead of denigrating diversity, and the myriad ethnic cuisine in this country, we should be celebrating it.

“In addition, any attempt to assess the general healthfulness of an ethnic cuisine is misguided. The notion that nutrition-conscious customers should shy away from Greek cuisine—or any cuisine for that matter—when dining out is absurd,” Anderson says.

Survey after survey shows that consumers are satisfied with the multitude of choices on restaurant menus. Because people’s tastes and concerns vary, restaurants serve a variety of items, in a variety of sizes, and let the consumer choose. And choices that are low in fat, cholesterol and sodium are on menus across the country.

“Consumers are sick and tired of hearing the ‘food police’ demagogue certain types of food,” says Anderson. “They are sick and tired of hearing time and time again what they should and shouldn’t eat. And we are sick and tired of CSPI recklessly targeting certain foods—particularly those brought to this country by hardworking immigrants.”

Source: Washington Weekly-NRA

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