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Restaurants Remain A Focus In 3rd Presidential Debate

November 1, 2000

For the second week in a row, America’s restaurants were cited on the national political stage as examples of small businesses and employees who could benefit from changes in health insurance policy.

”We need to allow small businesses to write insurance across jurisdictional lines so small business can afford health care,” said Texas Gov. George W. Bush during the Oct. 17 nationally televised presidential debate.

Previously, on Oct. 11, Bush mentioned the National Restaurant Association by name as an organization that could provide association health plans (AHP) to its members if such plans were made possible through a change in the Employment Retirement and Income Security Act (ERISA). Enactment of legislation to allow AHPs is a priority of the Association.

For the latest information on issues and the elections, visit the Association’s “Election Countdown” feature online at www.restaurant.org. The site provides daily updates, news, and information about candidates, elections, polling sites, voter registrations, and campaign volunteering. Encourage your employees to visit the site too. With 11 million employees and 8 percent of the workforce, the restaurant industry represents a significant voting block.

Source: Washington Weekly, 10-23-00, NRA

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