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Call Now! Compensation Dilemmas May Help Change Law

September 20, 2000

Restaurant operators for years have had to cope with confusing rules regarding which employees could be paid on a salary basis and which ones should be treated as hourly workers. Despite numerous changes in the workplace, current federal regulations regarding workplace compensation have remained virtually the same since 1954. In September 1999, the General Accounting Office (GAO) issued a report that identified the need for clarification of these regulations.

The National Restaurant Association has joined with other business trade groups to organize a new coalition with the mission of working toward passage of legislation that would clarify these confusing regulations. As a first step, the coalition will seek to raise the visibility of the problems encountered by both employers and employees in following the current compensation guidelines.

Associaiton members who have had difficulties with these guidelines are strongly encouraged to leave a message on the WEEKLY HOT LINE, (202) 424-5156, extension 3973.

Source: Washington Weekly, National Restaurant Association

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