Get Involved !

We’re all in this together ! Each person’s involvement makes our voice stronger and our political advocacy more effective. The Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) has been the industry’s watchdog for 63 years and invites your participation.

Political Action
Building coalitions and grassroots campaigns are keys to effective lobbying. Find out how to mobilize your supporters, organize a strategy and more

Center of Influence
Join our group of insiders who are politically active members of TRA and who work closely with its Government Affairs Department.

Voice your Opinions
TRA wants to know how you feel about the governmental actions and regulations impacting you. E-mail your comments to TRA’s Government Affairs Dept.

TRAPAC and Strike Fund
Familiarize yourself with TRA’s Fighting Funds. Although funded differently, each has a focused strategy that has proven successful over the years.

Write your Legislator
Exercise your voice in government by using our sample letters to compose yours.

Texas Legislature Online
Find out who represents you in the Texas Legislature, the State Board of Education and the U.S. Congress. Read their district analyses and demographics. Examine what legislation they sponsored, and e-mail them your opinions.

Voting Information
The Texas Secretary of State’s web site makes it easy for you to identify your district, find out how to register and where to vote. Then follow election returns and your county’s history.

Legal Information Institute
The Cornell Law School provides a searchable library of information about all sorts of legal topics, such as food & drugs, hotel & restaurant, taxation and more.

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