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Research & Statistics

To successfully manage and grow their businesses, restaurateurs need access to information on emerging trends and the state of the industry. The Texas Restaurant Association offers many tools that can assist restaurateurs as they try to anticipate what the future may bring.

Monthly Alcohol Sales Reports
TRA members can subscribe to get monthly access by city and county 

Restaurant Industry Tracking Results
Monthly statistics on same store sales, customer traffic and food costs in Texas.

Complete Next Month's Restaurant Industry Tracking Survey

Your source for analysis of restaurant industry economic trends, whether you want a top-line analysis of the economic indicators of the day or a detailed forecast of food prices.

Restaurant Performance Index

Published by the National Restaurant Association and available free of charge to TRA members, this index tracks what operators are saying about business performance and expectations for future business conditions.

2011 Restaurant Industry Forecast

Published annually by the National Restaurant Association, the forecast tracks projected sales, employment and trends at a national and state level. Available for free to TRA members.

2010 Restaurant Industry Operations Report
Controlling costs in the restaurant business is critical. This annual National Restaurant Association study provides crucial financial data on cost of sales, gross profit, direct operating expenses and other performance measurements to help you see how your operation compares with those of a similar business profile. Includes data on tableservice restaurants broken down by check size (Under $15; $15-24.99; Over $25) and limited service restaurants. This report is prepared in cooperation with Deloitte and is available at a discounted rate to TRA members.

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