Honor Deserving Restaurateurs

Restaurants have the chance to gain national recognition by applying for the National Restaurant Association's 2012 Restaurant Industry Awards. The industry awards, which go back 14 years, are given in two distinct categories. The Restaurant Neighbor Award, sponsored by and co-founded by American Express recognizes restaurants for outstanding community service. The Faces of Diversity Award, sponsored by PepsiCo Foodservice celebrates the diversity of the industry by honoring three individuals who have realized the American Dream.


Make Sure Your Employees are Ready for the Holiday Season

The holidays will be upon us shortly and people will be out celebrating through the New Year. This is a good time to review your alcohol service policies with your employees and to make sure all their seller/server training certificates are up to date.

Texas law encourages retailers to require their employees who sell or serve alcoholic beverages to attend a seller training course by providing a “safe harbor”. If an illegal sale is made, the seller/server might be arrested, but the retailer will have protection from administrative action by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) when the


Make the Most of Your Holiday Season!

The start of the holiday season means people will be going out to celebrate with family and friends, and there are plenty of ways you can make sure your restaurant gets the busines.

Here are a few tips for the holidays: