Handle money cautiously

  1. Keep as little cash as possible in the register and in money bags.
  2. Post signs saying, "No more than $30 in cash register at all times."
  3. Place large bills in a drop box, safe or strong room that is out of sight.
  4. Vary the time and route for making bank deposits. Avoid making bank deposits at night.
  5. Don’t carry money in bags that make it obvious you’re carrying cash.
  6. Allow employees to make deposits with a co-worker. The co-worker should face away from the depository to keep an eye on other people in the area.
  7. Handle money away from entrances and exits.
  8. Fit counter safes with time-delay locks.
  9. Consider armored car service.

Secure the workplace

  1. Hire onsite security.
  2. Install surveillance cameras where customers can see them, good lighting inside and in the parking lot, and bulletproof glass and limited access barriers for drive-thru windows.
  3. Keep shelving low enough that employees can see the entire restaurant.
  4. Eliminate hedges, fences and other structures that make good hiding spots.
  5. Keep back doors locked.
  6. Use panic bars on exit doors so they can be locked, but employees can safely exit.
  7. Have more than one employee present for opening and closing.
  8. Periodically change locks and combinations.

Look for part two of Preventing Workplace Violence next week. In that blog we'll outline how to train your employees to avoid potential risky situations.

Texas Mutual policyholders can get free training materials on workplace violence and other safety topics in the safety resource center at texasmutual.com. TRA members who have enrolled in the TRA/Texas Mutual workers’ compensation safety group have access to additional safety materials, including a safety plan designed for the restaurant industry.

Guest blog provided by Texas Mutual Insurance Company’s Angela Gardner, loss prevention consultant for the TRA/Texas Mutual workers’ compensation safety group. www.texasmutual.com


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