Call Ahead Seating Log - Dated-Quarterly - Legal Size

All the information you need to effectively manage your call ahead seating system in one simple, cost effective tool. What the Call Ahead Seating book can do for you: • 2 Pages per day (96 lines) to accommodate your call ahead traffic • Daily specials can be listed for each day, so it can be announced to cal ahead customers • Improves service by reducing wait time • Improves business by reducing walk-away customers • Provides historical record to review for better planning This is a dated product. When an order is placed, the Call Ahead Seating Book for the current quarter will be sent (Jan-Mar, April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec). If the order is placed more than 1/2 of the time into the quarter the NEXT quarter will be sent. If you do not want the NEXT quarter, email [email protected] after placing your order with instructions. YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION IS AVAILABLE! Due to shipping cost, this is the most ECONOMICAL way to order the Call ahead seating Book. To order a yearly subscription, email [email protected].


Our Price - $32.00
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