Manager's Red Book-Full Service Restaurants- Dated-Monthly - Legal Size

What the Manager's Red Book (monthly, legal size) can do for you: • Daily pages capture and communicate all the important information of the day – weather notes, to do lists, maintenance and repair concerns, phone messages (monthly versions only), employee issues, shift highlights • Initialing boxes create accountability and keep all managers focused on shift/daily priorities • Weekly Planning and Results and Summary pages provide recaps at-a-glance • Monthly and yearly calendars at your fingertips, plus a 4-year Holiday Planner • Manager’s Minute page lists upcoming promotions, celebrity birthdays, management tips, safety tips, service tips – keeps management team informed and engaged • A How to Use page gets you and your entire team up and running with The Manager’s Red Book in no time • The Manager’s Red Book provides documentation for immediate communication or historical archiving. This is a dated product-when an order is placed, the Manager's Red Book for the NEXT month will be sent. If you do not need the NEXT month from the date you order, email [email protected] with instructions after placing your order. YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION AVAILABLE!! Email [email protected] to order a yearly subscription. Due to shipping costs-this is the most economical way to order the Managers Red Book!


Our Price - $14.75
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