Finding the Ticket to Customer Loyalty (members ed.)

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September 30, 2005 - Michele Vennard, Director Neighborhood Marketing, Il Fornaio, courtesy of American Express, "The Next Course: 30 Proven Ways Restaurateurs Extend Their Current Business."

Concept: For two weeks each month, Il Fornaio restaurants feature Italian regional menus paired with wines. Every six months, a mailing is sent to a 100,000 + customer list explaining the upcoming menus and including a passport to participate. The “Passaportos” are also available at each location and staff explains the program to all diners and menus feature it. Customers who order from the “Festa Regionale” menu have their passport stamped. Those who attend all six dinners in six months receive a commemorative plate (5,000 were given out last year) and are entered in a national contest to win a week-long trip to Italy for two. Each location also chooses a winner of a $100 gift certificate.

Results: Festa Regionale dinners account for 33% of dinner business (which is up to 20%), and frequency of regular customers has increased. In addition, the program identifies Il Fornaio’s most valuable customers.

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