Making the Transition

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Making the Transition


The TRA Education Foundation has identified over 1,000 Texas schools that teach some form of culinary skills, many of which still need guidance in enhancing current programs or transitioning from more traditional studies to industry based education. The TRAEF spends a substantial amount of time, effort and resources to promote the adoption of industry based programs in secondary education to assure students leave with skills, knowledge and understanding to meet industry standards.

As part of this initiative, Making the Transition seeks to introduce industry related programs by way of:

  • Enhancing current Nutrition & Food Science, Technology programs
  • Adding a Culinary Arts component to a high school
  • Transitioning exclusively to Culinary Arts program.

TRAEF has prepared a free Making the Transition Guide that schools can download and use in their planning processes. 

Whatever stage your culinary program is in, Making the Transition will assist you in providing the best resources and education to your students.

Download the Making the Transition Guide (PDF)

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