New Restaurant Checklist

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New Restaurant Checklist 

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Task Done
Apply for Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)  
Obtain permit to serve food from Texas Department of State Health Services  
Obtain TABC license to serve liquor  
Obtain sign permit from local municipality and permission from land owner (see your local city or county website)  
Obtain a music license  
Schedule fire inspection appointment  
Obtain tax permits from Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (seller's tax permit, franchise tax, etc.)  

Select a business structure and report

Order banners/signs for opening and hiring purposes  
Verify water service, permits, plans, inspection, hard water, etc.  
Check local smoking regulations  
File I-9 Form  
File W-4 Form  
Obtain business permits  
Familiarize yourself with sales tax information  
Choose a foodservice provider  
Register restaurant name with the Texas Secretary of State Office  
Examine information on starting a business and write a business plan  
Obtain a building and zoning permit from your local city or county  
Set-up a business checking account  
Choose Point of Sale software system  
Choose employee uniforms  
Inspection of HVAC system  
Inspection of roof, exterior, termite or pest damage  
Choose restaurant decor  
Design or purchase employee handbook and rules, determine benefits and pay  
Obtain insurance (building, general liability, liquor liability, workman's comp, group medical)  
Make a health inspection checklist (see link for example)  
Determine Menu Pricing  
Fulfill handicap access and emergency exit requirements  
Post legally required food safety posters  
Certify employees with Texas Department of State Health Services approved FoodGuard and ServSafe programs  
Train alcohol serving employees with a TABC approved course.  

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