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Our Customizable Employee Handbook is a specially designed, web-based program. To insure your success, here's a description of what to expect as you go through the process. Why not print a copy for easy reference?

To avoid computer crashes, we advise that you first exit out of any other programs you may have been using before attempting the following steps.
When you click on the "Customizable Employee Handbook" link, you'll be delivered to our General Store, where you must first complete an on-line purchase with your credit card.
At the completion of your on-line purchase, you should be delivered to a screen where you begin the process of creating your Handbook.

If you complete the payment steps but are NOT delivered to this screen, call Products Customer Service at (800) 395-2872.

The Handbook procedure must be completed in one sitting, and it will ask you a series of 12-14 questions. Answer carefully because the information you input will be automatically entered to customize your Handbook. Shape your answers to comply with the formatting requested, or you'll receive an Error message. If you do receive an Error message, hit the BACK button of your browser and revise your data.

Shortly after the process has been completed, your Handbook will be e-mailed to the address you provide. It will be an attached file in rich text format with a title ending in: .rtf

You must first save it to your computer's hard drive before it can be manipulated. (Here's how: Click once on the attached file / From the top menu bar under FILE, select the command Save As / Tell your computer where to place the file but don't rename it yet.)
Use your word-processing program to open the file which is saved on your computer's hard drive (not the e-mail attachment). You can then print or make revisions--just like any document. That increases the flexibility of an already great deal ! Use your own word processing program to save revisions or rename the document.

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