Distinguishing good employees from bad ones

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Source: Data Quest Investigations, Ltd. (800) 292-9797

 The need for qualified employees must not overshadow the need for proper employee screening. A quick look at the numbers reveals the potential size of the problem when you fail to evaluate the backgrounds of your new hires:

* Statistics show that one-third of job applicants lie on their applications. Five percent falsify name, Social Security number and/or license number.

* Embezzlement accounts for $4 billion in losses annually.

* 11,000 violent incidents occur in workplaces annually, costing employers an average of $250,000 per incident.

* Two-thirds of all prison inmates were employed during the month before they were arrested for their current offense. Half of all inmates had been employed full time.

The Texas Restaurant Association is actively working to help you safeguard your business against the liabilities of hiring employees whose backgrounds indicate patterns of criminal or violent behavior. A smart hiring policy begins with background checks conducted by phone. You can also contract private background-checking firms (to find one that covers your market area, search on the Internet or check your yellow pages).

For Texas hires, you also can use the Texas Department of Public Safety's Convictions and Sex Offender Registration Databases, which may be accessed online for a nominal fee (searches of the Sex Offender Database are free).

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