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The interviewing process can be difficult and time-consuming for both restaurateur and potential hires. But it is important that legal guidelines aren't sacrificed in favor of saving time, and that all questions asked in an interview focus on applicants' qualifications for the job. The following information provides clear instruction and helpful tips to obtain and provide applicant background information legally and efficiently.

3-step process of conducting an interview
Right-on-target interview templates
What not to ask: Illegal interview questions

3-Step process of conducting an interview
Like everything in the restaurant business, interviewing requires preparation. This quick process will help you get ready. For more detailed questions to ask for back-of-the-house, front-of-the-house and management positions, see the easy-to-use interview templates within Restaurantville’s Human Resources solution center.

Step 1 - Interview
Step 2 - Learn the details
Step 3 - Audition

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