Government Affairs

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Anyone who cares about their restaurant business HAS to care about politics. Politics affects issues like the wages you pay your employees, the amount you pay for insurance, your tax rates and whether you can sell liquor in your county.

The Texas Restaurant Association approaches advocacy on two fronts: working to defeat legislation and regulations which could negatively impact your business and promoting legislation and regulations which could benefit the industry and your business.

Issues – From immigration reform and minimum wage to trans fat bans and menu labeling, TRA keeps you up to date on the issues that impact your business.

Invest – The TRA Political Action Committee (TRA PAC) was rated one of the most influential trade association PACs in Texas. We need your support to elect individuals who support the restaurant industry.

Get Involved – Local advocacy is extremely important to any government affairs activity. Legislators are most interested in how policy impacts their constituents – and that is you. So get involved, vote, write your legislator and become active in TRA’s Center of Influence.

TRA Victories – For more than 70 years, the Texas Restaurant Association has been the voice of the restaurant industry at the state Capitol. Learn more about our successes.

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