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The Vino 101 wine training course teaches new foodservice professionals the basics about wine and aids in recommending, selling and serving wine. It also can be used as a refresher course for seasoned professionals.

Vino 101 is part of a blended learning strategy for staff wine training that provides on-line learning to be followed with hands-on tasting. After completing Vino 101, students should seek out seminars from wine reps and tasting classes to build a balanced knowledge base.

The Vino 101 wine education course is interactive and uses video sequences, high resolution photographs, Flash animations, and an extensive wine-related glossary. Interactive remediation questions are included to build an initial base of knowledge and can be customized to reflect your operation's menu and specific wine offerings. 

The lessons cover the following topics:

Lesson 1: What is wine?
Students explore how wine is made, how to read a wine label, and characteristics of wine such as color and appearance, nose, fruit, taste, tannin, balance, length and finish.

Lesson 2: Grape Varieties
Students learn general information about each of the major grape varietals of retail and commercial wine sales. This lesson also covers the specifics of predominant flavors, aromas, styles and how to pair wine with food. Sparkling and dessert wines are also explored.

Lesson 3: Wine-Producing Regions
This lesson details the major wine-producing areas using animated maps and colorful illustrations. Geographic characteristics and styles are also noted here.

Lesson 4: Serving Wine
This lesson uses video and high resolution photographs to demonstrate the correct way to open a bottle of wine and/or Champagne. Students learn how to serve wine and are taught about the correct glassware to use, how and why to decant and proper temperatures. Valuable tips to recommend and sell wine more comfortably are also shared.

End-of-course Assessment
At the end of the course, students are required to complete a 20-question quiz. Once the quiz is passed, a personalized Certificate of Achievement can be printed.

Vino 101 is approximately 120 minutes in length. A printable glossary of all wine-related terms is available. This server wine training program can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection- at the restaurant, at home, or from an Internet cafe or public library. Students may log in and unlimitedly access the tutorial and resources for $299.00 USD per location, per year.

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